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Why should I use Dealer Dents?

With over 18 years experience, Dealer Dents is the premier mobile Paintless Dent Repair service for MetroWest and Worcester County. Although there are limits to what can fixed using PDR , if the paint is still intact, the chances are good we can fix it. Those repairs that another technician may turn down, could be just another day at the office for our team. The art of Paintless Dent Removal is ever changing. New tools, new techniques, but the keen eye and craftsmanship required to complete even the difficult repairs will always remain the same. Our reviews are only part of the indicators that we are your first and best choice for dent repair. Once you see what we can do, you’ll be happy to refer us to a friend or family member.

How do I get a quote for my dent?

Dealer Dents makes it easy with a few ways to get started. All Hail Damage repair estimates must be seen in-person. Please allow 1-2 days notice for scheduling a hail repair estimate.

1: Try our online Dent Pricer Form. It’s going to give you a rough idea of what the cost will be, but keep in mind there are quite a few factors that often effect the difficulty of any given repair. Also you may not know about certain challenges such as bracing behind a certain panel with damage as an example. The best thing is to get a ball park figure, but we always must remind you that all pricing is subject to an inspection in person. Once we know all the actual conditions, and everything that effects your particular repair, we’ll give you the exact quote.

2: An emailed photo estimate. You can email a few pictures of your dent, ding, crease, or collision damage to dealerdents@gmail.com for a solid estimate. Again we’ll do our best to take what you provide as a way of estimating the repair cost.

3: In Person Estimates are the best way to get a concrete, guaranteed estimate. Due to every dent and every car being different, pictures may not always show the true depth of the damage. Click here to Schedule a Repair. Or email dealerdents@gmail.com. Please try to schedule 2-3 days in advance.