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My vehicle has Hail Damage? What should I do?

Almost all hail damage is repairable using Paintless Dent Removal. Most traditional body shops and collision centers would contract a PDR technician to complete the repair on your vehicle.

As far as insurance goes, Hail Damage is considered an “Act of God” , therefore your rates will not increase when you file a claim for Hail Damage. Once your claim is filed, Dealer Dents can help you navigate the rest of the repair process with ease. Hail Damage can be repaired within 3-5 days, minimizing the need for a long term rental car.

If you live in the MetroWest area and have an insurance claimed filed, Dealer Dents works with many local reputable collision centers and body shops.

Things to consider once you have filed a hail claim with your insurance.

It is common for insurance to underbid a repair, thinking some customers will never have their vehicle repaired. Once the claim is filed, it is important to complete the repair process because your insurance may not honor future claims without proof you’ve completed the previous damage claim.

You also have a right to choose who repairs your vehicle. Some insurance companies will lead you to believe that you have to use one their “recommended” or “preferred” shops. This often has more to do with who gives the insurance companies the biggest discounts and not who necessarily does the best work.